Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meanwhile, back on planet earth

Struggling to breach the wall to wall coverage of Cameron's climb downs over the EU budget, other news touches the surface. Another area where the only party that chimes with public opinion is UKIP. That is the great global warming disaster.

I was reporting only yesterday about how the bird slicer manufacturers were having a tough time of it. Of course there must be somebody to blame, and sure as eggs is eggs it appears that it is the people who are at fault. Ungrateful lowlives that they are,
More than 230 campaign groups across the country are putting plans to generate more than a quarter of Britain’s electricity in jeopardy, it was claimed.
New figures show one in three wind farm applications were approved by councils amid heightened opposition from angry residents.
What, these ghastly subsidy farms are bnot being built because people don't want them. Cor blimy Guv, how can that be. I thought the science was settled, that as Belloc would put it,
The stocks were sold; the Press was squared:
The Middle Class was quite prepared.
But no, citizens are getting in the way. How dare they. Abolish democracy now.
Furthermore the chimera that was biofuels sinks deeper in the immorality mire

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Guess where your money goes..