Saturday, October 09, 2010

India celebrates Eu control of the UK's borders

There are push and pull factors that impact on immigration. There are those things such a economic downturns and so forth which drive people to leave their homes, that would be a push factor.

The discovery that Britain no longer has a immigration policy is acting as a pull factor.

As we all know the Government has made a great play about how it is going to put a cap on Non-EU immigration. This is because as Nick Clegg pointed out during the Prime Ministerial debates there is nothing that anybody can do about immigration from the Member Nations of the EU, as under EU law which supercedes UK law, what ever Hague and his 'soveriegnty act' says.

It was one of the few times that I have ever said "I agree with Nick".

Anyhow even this small concession to having control of our own borders has been breached and the siege engine of choice is the upcoming EU-India trade deal As Bruno has pointed out
A planned "free trade agreement" with India, to be signed this December, will give skilled Indian IT workers, engineers and managers easy passage into Europe in return for European companies gaining access to India's huge domestic market.
This is a devastating rebuke to the British Governement and proof positive that we no longer control our borders. I am not here argueing whether or not Britain should let in highly skilled Indians (my preference is yes).My arguement is merely that it is no longer in the gift of the people of this country who can or who cannot join us.

What is also interesting, and slightly worrying is how Indian newspapers have picked up the story.
Here is the Hindu,
India-EU trade deal may help bypass UK migration cap
Here is the New Kerela
EU-India 'free trade agreement' will allow flood of Indian skilled workers into Britain
The Times of India Business,
India-EU trade deal may nullify UK migration cap
You get the point.

It is transparently obvious that if one was an Indian of some skill (reading an English language newspaper) I would be encouraged to look to emigrating to the UK.

That is a pull factor.


Rahul Choudary said...

Thank you kind sir for your wonderful news. I come next week on flight from Delhi. I am knowing computers and teknologys.

Kevin said...

We must stop people like Prashant Jain from entering the UK.

Gawain Towler said...

Methinks you have to wait until the deal is signed in Decemeber for that, but no harm in winging your cv around...

Enjoy your visit

Gawain Towler said...

And Kevin,

That isn't the point. Because our immigration system is utterly askew due to our membership of the EU it seems taht the authorities are unable to make rational decisions.

The situation of Dr Jain and others is exacerbated by this, rather than mitigated. The whole system is out of kilter and remains so whilst we remain in the EU.