Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Geography not her strong point

The Lib/Dem vacuum that is Baroness Sarah Ludford has recieved a splendid slap down from the vetran Luxemburger Astrid Lulling this afternoon. Ludford was fretting about getting home from Strasbourg given the strikes and so on in France,
Dear Mr Welle,

Could you tell us if there is any problem with fuel for cars/buses to take us to eg Frankfurt and Basle airports.....?

Sarah Ludford
Madame Lulling's response is priceless, (and I like that Mrs Ludford bit particularly)
Dear Mrs Ludford,

I hope you are aware that the German border is quite close to Strasbourg so there won't be any problem with the availability of fuel. A situation like the one we are going through could be problematic in Brussels but not here in Strasbourg.

Best regards,
Astrid Lulling
The story is picked up by EU Observer, which reports that the petty jibes continued.

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