Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Defence of whose Realm?

Footling around today I see that Douglas Carswell picked up an aspect of the Strategic Defence Review that hasn't received much exposure as opposed to the headline aircraft carrier business. That is those parts of the Defence Strategy that refer to our European entanglements. Now as it is Trafalgar day in a couple of short days it seems relevant to take a look at this. Sure enough Section 5.12 or the SDR has the European Section,5.12
Britain will "make an effective contribution to the European border agency, Frontex".

"Ensure the new EU budget ... targets funding at key security challenges facing the EU".

"Work to ensure that EU civil protection arrangements focus on shared risk assessment and prevention ... and maximise awareness of critical infrastructure dependencies".

"Support EU missions - whether military or civilian ..."

What Douglas hasn't done is to look at the European Budget Statement that came out today.
Responding to crisis situations

It is particularly important to improve the Union's ability to respond to large-scale conflicts or disasters. The EU's essential contribution to the broader security dimension of external relations points to a need to build on current tools like the Instrument for Stability, CFSP actions and Election Observation Missions. Speed of deployment, flexibility and the ability to modulate action in line with changing political circumstances are all essential components
My italics.
Seems that the new EU budget is doing just that.

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