Tuesday, September 07, 2010

What was that I said about straw men?

Yesterday I suggested that the proposal to block the UK's rebate was a straw man, a proposal taken up by Mr North.

I suggested that by giving the government a chance to show its Eurosceptic credentials it would allow then to accept a whole raft of other intergrationist measures.

And yes we had the Government and its homunculae stating that they would fight against those ghastly Europeans,
Tonight Downing Street said David Cameron would defend the British rebate
in the forthcoming negotiations on the EU's budget.
Of course it will, because it doesn't have to, the EU has no intention of pushing on this. here is Little Timothy in Strasbourg having a fit of the vapours,
But his remarks brought an angry response from UK MEP Timothy Kirkhope, Conservative leader in parliament, who said, "The rebate is still completely justified.

"We cannot afford to give away our taxpayers' money in exchange for a vague promise of agricultural reform in the future. Tony Blair gave away seven billion pounds in 2005 and got absolutely nothing in return.

"Commissioner Lewandowski will find he is in for a tough negotiation if he starts from the assumption that the UK will budge on this issue.

"Instead of focusing on scrapping the rebate perhaps the commissioner should put all of his efforts into reducing the EU budget so that we achieve better value for taxpayers' money."
So far, so predictable.

So how about the other opart of my prediction? Was there any other EU news yesterday? Oh here it is on PA,
Chancellor George Osborne will today endorse sweeping European supervisory powers over banks and financial institutions in response to the economic crisis.

EU finance ministers meeting in Brussels are set to approve three new pan-European watchdog bodies to oversee the banking, insurance and securities markets across Europe.The aim is better coordination of national financial services watchdogs as an early warning signal of any future economic disasters.

Mr Osborne has backed the move since taking office, insisting that the new system will still leave day-to-day financial supervision within the UK in the hands of national authorities
And here is the Tory Euro homunculae Vicky Ford telling us not to worry, Nothing happening here, everything is fine,
Conservative MEP Vicky Ford also insisted the outcome would give added protection to consumers - who bore the brunt of the crisis - without ceding sovereignty.

"National governments and national regulators keep their frontline responsibility to protect national taxpayers' interests," she said.
These people make my flesh creep. There is no Conservative Party left. They are fully signed up to the European Project and they ahve no desire to wrest back powers from Brussels. Don't listen to what they say, just look at what they do.

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