Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sometimes the European Parliamenty is so cute

Yesterday was one of those days when an ambitious plan was voted through on getting the EU back to work. As you can see the ambition of Csaba Öry the Hungarian MEP who pushed through his report.
MEPs want the employment rate in the EU to be increased to 75% by 2020

By 2020!
It is instructive to discover that,
MEPs believe that 90% of 15-24 year-olds in the EU should be either in education, training or employment.
Which is lovely, but there again most of thjem also believe that the EU is popular and is an experiment in democracy. Some believe in the Bogeyman and others, for al we know might think that the moon is made of green cheese.
However it is instructive to look at the current unemployment rate the UK,

Herew e can see that the employment rate in the UK is Just over 70%, but with an unemployment rate of just under 8%. The increase in one and the fall in the other match, with other staying stable.

This 23% are 'Economically inactive'. Within this are those who have taken early retirement hosuewives and so on. That 23% is essentially unimportant, as they by and large choose to be in the position they are in. What the EP seems to be suggesting is that this group should be required to become more active.


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