Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Somaliland let down - again

Sometimes I wonder what the nation of Somaliland has to do to get international recognition. The latest example of the normal patronising approach comes from the EU-ACP meeting in the Seychelles during July.

The final communiqué of the meeting noted - after much negotiation spearheaded by Mr. Giancarlo Scottà MEP, Vice-Chair of the Delegation - that the fight against piracy in East Africa had to recognise realities on the ground and drew particular attention to Somaliland and Puntland, although without specifically noting the success of Somaliland initiatives to combat piracy or the peaceful presidential elections held on 26 June 2010. Representatives nevertheless acknowledged a need to combat the root causes of piracy and expressed the need for ACP and EU states to act against companies and individuals from the EU and Asia fishing illegally or dumping toxic substances in the region. Delegates continued to note the need for state structures to be restored to Somali territory, albeit without reference to the ongoing democratisation process in Somaliland – a process that has won international commendation over recent months and where indicators of poverty, lack of development and political instability are markedly lower than in Somalia.
So let me get this straight, Somaliland is a peaceful (relative to the Horn of Africa) democracy, that is effectively combatting piracy, and whose poverty rate and so on puts the rest of the regin to shame.

But nobody will recognise its right to exist. Come on Mr Hague, at least get the Commonwealth to invite representatives to the next CHOGM, even as observers. It is the very least you can do. Or are you so hobbled by the EU's foriegn policy that you cannot do anything to upset the Italians?

UKIP, who believe in the ability of people to uphold their own national soverignty support the people of Somaliland in their struggle for recognition.


Kitto said...

That's interesting, I posted something on the UKIP members forum recently which mentioned recognising Somaliland. Surely we could let it in the Commonwealth too?

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that UKIP is supporting Somalilnd's recognition. I guess Somaliland and Britain share a lost of golden history that is somehow forgotten. In today's world where peace has become a treasure to seek I guess UKIP can help Somaliland regain some of this lost treasure.

Please visit this blog where some of this history has been published though with mininum resources and lack of volunteers.( http://britishsomaliland.blogspot.com/ )

Britain has a past and noble history which if revived could bring Britain to 21st century world class leadership linking them with their old protectorate states like Somaliland. A lot of people speak English around the globe including Somalilanders. Somalilanders who are educated in the old system of British education system honour this noble history and still prefer to work with Britain when it comes to International organisations.

The world is gone global and it is important that the Common Wealth is re-energised to 21st century vision with Somaliland bringing their own home grown success to keep this vision alive for Africa and other poor nations. Self help is a key philosophy that helps Somaliland survive,however this can have its limitations due to Somaliland aiming to adopt democracy in a region crippled by terrorism, piracy and radicalization which has become a global threat.

West London Somaliland Community represents the community of Somaliland and campaigns for Somaliland and British links.

Thank you.