Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good for Everyone: Good for Nothing

So says the Co-op in its sloganising. But not apparently if you are a two year old in Norwich wrapped up against the weather.
A Norwich two-year-old was asked to take down the hood of his anorak when entering a city convenience store - for security reasons.
The retailers of Norwich are a fearful lot it seems,
“We were just near the door when the manager said ‘Do you mind pulling his hood down? It’s just that eight-year-olds will moan that he’s allowed his hood up but they are not.’
Hold on a moment. The manager of this Norwich Co-op demands a two year take down their hood, because he is frightened of the reactions of eight year olds... Dear God. This is the same Co-op that tells us it is,
inspiring young people to change their world
They really care about young people,
Shackled with the legacy of national debt, an increasingly rickety property ladder and an uncertain future shaped by climate change, it’s a challenging time to be a young person in Britain. 95% of the members who took part in a survey to help shape The Co-operative’s Community Plan agreed that young people deserve our support.
Bloody challenging young people if you ask me. That toddle has a pretty dubious look about him don't you think - signed up to Al Quaeda has he? Well you can never be too careful.
Later the grandfather phoned the shop,
We have 90-year-olds who come in and we have to tell them the same thing. This is a bad area and we have a lot of stealing.’ Corey is quite a skinny little chap and feels the cold. He’s two years old, and he’s hardly going to rob the store. We go in all the local shops and that’s the first time this has ever happened. The manager should have used some common sense.
Cripes. Norwich or the Bronx?

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