Tuesday, September 28, 2010

EUTUC: Yes to imminent disastor

John Monks, the Head of the European Trade Union Congress (see, its not just politicians who reinvent themselves in that graveyard of careers Brussels) is hoping to lead 100,000 unionists in a march in Brussels tomorrow headlined, "Fight Austerity".

He tells us,
"We're a rich part of the world,"

Which of course we won't be for very much longer if economic illiterates like him have anything to do with it. He and his cohorts are still wedded to the idea that the public sector is the only proper driver of the economy, and the private sector is there only to provide the millions of public sector workers with a living. He claims he wants jobs and growth. And where the hell does he think that these jobs are going to come from?

What he doesn't seem to get, is that if we do not make the cuts, then there will be no economy to support any public sector, thus no jobs, no growth and so on.


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