Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't eat too much and be nice to strangers

I am a great believer in teh Foriegn Office, I bemoan the fact that we are to flog off consultaes to make short term savings, and that we are considering closing down the World Service (The only decent bit ofthe BC) and handing over our diplomatic presence in much of the world to the EU's new diplomatic corps the EEAS.

But then I read things like this and I begin to wonder. From our Ambassador in Guatamala,
Be vigilant and stay safe
Yes, that is the condensed wisdom of our finest brains.
We encourage everyone to take precautions no matter where they may be but especially if travelling alone, on foot, or after dark (ideally, try to avoid doing any of these things!)
Look, if you are going to go to Guatamala city you might just have to take care. Therer again I would say the same to a foriegner who rocked up in Kennington. But really is that what they are for these Rolls Royce brains. Handing out frankly superfluous travel advice.

Don't forget to pack a hankie, and ensure you are wrapped up well, it can get surprisingly chilly at this time of year.

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