Friday, September 17, 2010

Corporate lobbyists get it, so why not our Government?

Today sees the launch of a fascinating study into the world of the Brussels lobbying sector. Produced by Ellwood and Atfield it is hardly ground breaking but does highlight some basic truths.
Posts at the head of consultancies and trade associations are some of the most lucrative jobs in European public affairs, reveals the survey, which was carried out during the first half of 2010 among 200 mid- to senior level professionals working in Brussels.

The managing director of a consultancy can earn between €300,000 and €400,000 - as much as the head of European public affairs at a big company or the secretary-general of a trade association - but much more than a director of communications, who can earn up to €260,000.

"In the past Brussels may have been seen as a place where corporate executives went to pasture at the end of their careers. But no longer. With up of 80% of legislation in certain policy areas emanating from Brussels and an expanded EU of 27 countries, most interest groups are scaling up their representation," said Ben Atfield, a partner in the consultancy.

Interestingly the conveyor belt from Commission to European Parliament to Lobbyist to national Government is exemplified by a certain Nick Clegg.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Good summary.

Which is why the UK government spends twenty per cent of GDP on procurement from, and subsidies to, private sector businesses (two thirds more than it spends on public sector salaries and pensions, which would be wasteful enough).