Friday, September 17, 2010

Ahmadi Muslims welcome Pope to UK

Good to see that not everybody in this land of ours is so blinded by hate as to be downright rude to the Pope. The President of the UK part of the globalAhmadiyya muslim community whose Khalifa is based in the UK has had this to say,
"Religious leaders have a pivotal role to play in promoting peace and serving humanity. Indeed religions have far more commonalities than differences and we welcome moves that will help forge unity and foster greater understanding.

"I extend to His Holiness the Pope, the Islamic greeting of Salaam -Peace, and hope that his visit can help develop even stronger links between Muslims and Catholics and indeed people of all faiths and of none as we are all children of God."

Well said, perhaps the militant secularists could learnn some manners from some of the guests who live here?

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Mark said...

When a "militant secularist" is "blinded by hate" he's rude.

When a religious nut is "offended" he blows himself up or flies a plane into a building. Or if its own flesh and blood who has caused offfence he gouges her eyes out.

Maybe you can see why some of us prefer a secular society!!