Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"UKIP set to music"

So says Dr (Sir) Jonathan Miller as he attempts to disparage the music (and I suspect even more the librettos) of Gilbert and Sullivan.

And you know, I think he is right. But of course for all the wrong reasons. You see Dr Miller is a great Pooh-Bah, one of those pious idiots who thinks that anything that smacks of humour is tantamount to a betrayal of his serious art (which is a bit wierd fro somebody who cut his teeth on Beyond the Fringe). But it is not humour per se, but more the gentle, though terribly serious mocking of pomposity that is his problem. It is the very Englishness that gets to him.

So does this fit with UKIP? Humerous, mocking, serious but worn lightly, as Rupert Chritiensen says, driven by "the urge to puncture pretension and pomposity", and above all comfortable in its skin and very, very British.

How Sir W S Gilbert would have enjoyed today's makeweight political class,
I grew so rich
That I was sent
By a pocket borough
Into Parliament.
I always voted
At my party's call,
And I never
Thought of thinking
For myself at all.


Budgie said...

Wonderful stuff.

Of course the logical extension of the pompous Miller's avowed world view is for this country to be taken over and run by and for foreigners ...


Nige said...

For an establishment luvvie who has always despised his native country and its history, it must be hard for Dr Miller to look at modern politics and accept that a Party such as UKIP can become the fourth largest in the country. Some of us can manage to keep an eye on our past heritage whilst moving towards a promising future, he seems to be stuck in a BBC mindset from the 1960s where champagne socialism thrived.