Monday, August 09, 2010

The International Environmental Criminal Court (IECC),

Does that fill you with a warm glow?
Scares the very pants of me.

The exponetial growth in international bodies operating withpout any democratic oversight, and yet with powers and sanctions against companies and individuals worries me greatly. So therefore I regard this chap, Mr Paul Garlick, as a complete menace.
He may be a very fine lawyer, a silk no less. But no matter how good he may be as a lawyer, and one who has experience in 'Corporate Manslaughter and Health and Safety issues'.
But nobody is going to convince me that he is a scientist, so it is with some surprise that I note that he was in the European Parliament, argueing in favour of both a European and an International Environmental Criminal Court - as a
Member of the IAES Scientific Committee
So if he isn't a scientist what is he doing there. Well he is acting in his own self interrest that is true, wghat with his experinece both in European Criminal Law and on international bodies such as his stint as a
International Judge to the War Crimes Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina
I can see him making serious sums if such a body was ever to be set up.

And if it is and if as it says its remit should include,

"Public health
Climate change
Ecological damage
Then shouldn't those who argue against climate alarmism, and are described as 'deniers' get a little bit worried.

The crowd invited to the European Parliament say this,

"Such reforms will make an essential contribution to the protection of the environment, to prevent its pollution and to provide sanctions against any violation.

Furthermore, we trust that the ENVI Committee, because of its highest institutional role and in the wake of the interest repeatedly shown by the Commission with a series of formal acts, will want to write an historical page within the environmental panorama of Mother Earth."(Their emphasis)

Oi North, Delingpole et al, I think they mean you...

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