Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Something doesn't feel right

So we all think that Air Ambulances are 'good things'. Yes and and I have even dropped the odd copper in their collection boxes. But this developement just feels a little odd, a little Blade Runner.
YORKSHIRE Air Ambulance has signed up regional security group Select as the first official member of its newly launched Business Supporters Network.

Now look all they have done is bunged the ambulance people a few shekels, for a good cuase and to make them look nice. What do they get in return? They get to put the Air Ambulance logo on their stuff. Who are they?
Shipley-based Select's services include static security guarding, mobile security patrols, bailiff and civil enforcement officers, key holding and intruder alarm activation response, private events and wedding security, door supervision and tour management.

I know, I am being paranoid, I get it. But there is something intimidating aboutr private security firms who do all that sort of stuff having links with helicopter firms. How soon and we have whirygigs in the firmanent carrying security firm logos, then cameras...

Ok I will go away and lie down.

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paulsc said...

I have never understood why the air ambulance is a charity but the police helicopter is paid for out of taxes. Then I worry about the ability of the government to run anything and pray that they don't start funding the air ambulance.