Friday, August 06, 2010

Should the Tories still be boasting of their Rawanda links?

I ask, because the official Tory Blue blog has just put a post up doing exactly that.

Paul Kagame has been the Tories favourite African dictator for quite a while now, and these trips have been going on for years. Indeed it is almost like some sort of rite of passage for those who wish to be seen as Cameroons to have been on one of the young pioneer trips to Kigali.

Cameron himself went to see Kagame just at the moment that his own consituency dissapeared under water and then invited Kagame to speak at the Tory Conference.

Now we are hearing more and more stories coming out about clampdowns on the press and opoposition figures in the run up to presidential elections could it be that the close links forged over the years may become a millstone around their necks?

After all it is not as if they were not warned at the time.
The Prosecutor at Arusha is in possession of primâ facie evidence which would easily suffice, in ordinary circumstances, to justify the drawing of and issuing of an indictment for prosecution of Kagame and other senior RPF adherents for grave crimes against humanity and war crimes. Much of this evidence has been provided to the prosecutor by Professor Filip Reyntjens of Antwerp University who has frequently appeared as an impressive expert witness at the ICTR. He makes little secret of what he has made available and that it amounts to allegations of grave crimes against Kagame and many of his RPF supporters.

The body of evidence is, I have it on impeccable authority, substantial, compelling and of the gravest nature. Such an Indictment is only withheld for political reasons, I believe.

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