Friday, August 06, 2010

Now Sweden considers restrictions on the Burka

The education minister was talking to public radio and said,
“Teaching is communication. It’s about being able to look at each other in the eyes and communicate with each other,” Jan Bjoerklund told Swedish public radio.
“In that way, I mean it is extremely unsuitable to allow clothing which covers the face,”
Well that should be pretty uncontroversial. But this might be seen as such,
Mr Bjoerklund yesterday said he thought it would be unfair to allow young women wearing face-covering veils to complete an education aimed at employment in Swedish pre-schools, since they would likely never get a job.

“Children must be able to look at their nursery school teacher to see if she is... happy or worried or whatnot,” he said.

Which is also true, but just because it is sensible, does it in this world of rights and equality hoo ha, amount to discrimination?

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