Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Deluged they were I tell you, deluged

Very funny story in the Mail today. It appears that our new Government is much like the last one. Launching a consultation in a full blaze of publicity soon after the election they wanted to hear what it was that we the people actually wanted.

But like so many times before they didn't really want to know, and when they did here they jammed their fingers in their ears shouting
"Nah Nah nan Nah Nah, Not listening.

Or more prosaically
The Foreign Office was deluged with suggestions that Britain should leave the EU. In its response the Foreign Office said it understood why ‘so many of you feel jaded and sceptical about the EU’, but made it clear the Government had no intention of quitting the EU.

Of course they also rejected calls for stronger immigration controls, smioking ban lifting, etc etc etc.
Indeed they rejected anything that wasn't already their policy. And they wonder why people don't like politicians?

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