Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Climate change for thick Council staff

I came across this as I was pootling around my new favourite website. (some more beauties to come)


Climate change key facts and the business case member workbook
Its role is the re-education of

both existing and newly elected members – regardless of experience or responsibilities – in their role as council and community representatives.

Devised by the Leadership Academy, it will help you identify how you can focus on the key facts you need to know to be able to support your council in combating climate change.

In practical terms the workbook will take you two to three hours to work through. You can dip and out of it so that you can work at a pace that suits you best.
I am not sure what frightens me most about this. Is it that the expected mental age of a councillor is from reading this, about 11? Or is it that this is produced by something calling itself a "Leadership Academy"? Or indeed is it that it was readied for publication after the election (July 2010) and thus shows the mindset of the post-electoral establishment?

Or is it the sheer propagandist nonsense that is contained herein?

There are little test boxes for our councillors to fill in, here is one,
Which recent weather changes have you either noticed or heard/read about that could perhaps be attributed to climate change?
You get the idea.

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