Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Daul does deeply delusional

Don't take my word for it, go read this at the Parliament magazine, the French CAP mountain claims that the Belgian EU Presidency will be a clear success

His argument seems to be as Belgian is utterly riven with internal problems it has made no real claims for its Presidency. Previous countries holding the Presidency have failed to achieve their vaunted desires.

Belgian has none, therefore it cannot be a failure.

Interesting idea of what success is you have there Mr Daul.

He ends it with as good a package of meaningless Eurospeak as I have ever read,
"The challenges are tremendous, and the road is scattered with obstacles, but I am convinced that the Belgian Government, wielding the tools at its disposal and taking every possible advantage of its particular situation, will be able to promote our priorities for a Europe of growth and employment, with financial regulation. And a Europe of security and freedom, for the benefit of our fellow citizens."
He really should sack Babelfish and get himself someone whose first language isn't dribble.

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