Monday, July 05, 2010

Who the "£$%^ does he think he is?

The £$%^& ing jumped up arrogant w$@nker.
Talking about the fact that the Polish version of the Lisbon Treaty nearly arrived in Rome functionally illegal,
Andrew Duff, a British Liberal MEP and legal expert, said a dodgy Polish bill would have been put down to clerical error and corrected.

But he added that the discovery of a dud ratification instrument could have emboldened eurosceptic politicians, such as the UK's Nigel Farrage, to launch a legal case against the Lisbon Treaty at the EU court in Luxembourg.

"[But] for something of this type, the court would be very grown up," Mr Duff said. "Especially if it was some crazy farragiste, the court would tell him to fuck off."

So if a complaint, legitimate of course, came from somebody he doesn't agree with we can see the Europhile's attitude. Law is irrelevant, and those who attempt to uphold law can fuck off.
Well Sir, maybe you should consider doing so yourself.


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