Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What is good for the Goose

Q. What has Afghanistan got that the UK doesn't?
A) The ability to set its own trade rules.

Our Foriegn Minister Cathy Ashton is in the land of the empowered Burka wearer, Afghanistan where she is attending some conference.

The conference, entitled, Kabul International Conference on Afghanistan , is as she says specifically about,
Afghan sovereignty and leadership
Which is amusing as Afghan soverignty is something good and to be encouraged. Indeed one highlight of the growth of Afganistan's move towards a better future is that it has recently signed a trade agreement with Pakistan,
I want to congratulate you for the recent signing of the Trade and Transit Agreement between Afghanistan and Pakistan which is a significant step towards boosting regional cooperation and I extend my congratulations to both sides for making this happen.
All this is splendid, it is just a shame that Afghanistan cannot do the same with the UK, because of course the UK doesn't have the soveriegnty to sign trade agreements, that is done for us by the EU.

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