Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stopped Clock Award

This month's Stopped Clock award goes to a Andy Garcia. We are so used to the fatuosity of Hollywood actors that to hear one talking sense is cause for some celebration, so step forward Andy Garcia,

"Put it this way. I'm of the philosophy that I want less government in my life, basically. I believe in a flat tax, and I believe in putting money in the hands of people who can hire more people, and buy more goods, and spread the wealth by employing people. And the more the government takes away from its citizens, and the citizens depend on the government – that's just not where I wear my hat. I don't believe that government should be in charge of my life and I don't believe the government should make decisions for me and my family. I don't depend on the government to help me. I want to have the opportunity to work hard, and get the benefits of my work, and help others with the rewards that I reap."
Admittedly if you are a Hollywood star then the need for state funded child care is probably low down on your list of priorities, but at least he isn't pontificating on the need for a blanket welfare state.

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Dick Puddlecote said...

How very refreshing. I shall watch 'The Untouchables' again tonight, in celebration.