Thursday, July 01, 2010

How to 'collapse' the UK

Chatham House is the enormously respected international relations think tank otherwise known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

So it comes as something slightly surprising to see this Royally chartered institute calling for the UK to give up its seat on the G20. Of course only for the greater good of the EU mind.

Today Dr Paola Subacchi, Research Director, International Economics of the institution has written a "Whither Europe" piece that is expanded upon in the European Voice.

Bemoaning the fact that the EU just doesn't punch its weight in international fora she proposes a solution,
Europe can help the G20 leaders make a significant step towards their immediate goals for the reform of the international economic institutions by November. This implies accepting collapsing the four European seats into an EU one,

The arguement seems to be that the EU has a single national, economic interest. However if the evidence of the last few months ahs shown us anything that is transparently untrue.

Of coure it is the sort of thing that might appeal to our new Government. William Hague was wearing his 'reform', 'Modern', '21st century' hat on today when he was talking at the Foreign Office. He too was talking about international fora, and this is what he had to say,
Second, the circle of international decision-making has become wider and more multilateral. Decisions made previously in the G8 are now negotiated within the G20, and this Government will be at the forefront of those arguing for the expansion of the United Nations Security Council.
But William you dunderhead. If the question of reforming the composition of the Security Council is broached, you must know that the French and the Brits will lose their seats.

We are no longer the powers we were when it was created, and the EU will get the European seat. Now of course you might argue that this is overdue, and frankly we no longer deserve the permanent seat on the Security Council, but please do not wish it to happen, it cannot be in our broader interrests to encourage the end of that era?

Can it?

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