Friday, June 18, 2010

Sometimes the Law isn't an ass

And this is one of those times,
A prisoner who claimed for damages against doctors who failed to spot her
cancer has lost her case on appeal.
Cheryl Carter, 34, of Brixton, south London, had previously won a High Court case for negligence, amid claims medics at Cookham Wood prison in Rochester failed to diagnose her breast cancer.
But that has now been quashed by the Court of Appeal, following an appeal by the
Ministry of Justice.
The court heard her cancer was discovered after she left prison in 2005, and prison doctors had found no abnormality during her stay.

It just remains to ask. Which blithering idiot was sitting at the High Court fist time round? Which lawyer felt they could earn sonme on the back of this case.

But all in all thank goodness by teh Court of Appeal.

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