Friday, June 18, 2010

How thick is Frederick Forsyth?

I ask this in sorry, not in anger. Why? Because of this article today. You see Mr Forsyth is a decent enough chap and is stauchly Eurosceptic as you can see,

FROM across the Channel we learn that the EU Commission is absolutely determined to secure the passage of two important new laws that hugely affect our prosperity and sovereignty for the worse.
Yes he sees the danger,

The Lib Dems of course have no objection. Tory Foreign Secretary William Hague states flatly that he will have none of it. Within 24 hours it is plain the matter is out of his hands. Both anti-British moves will be passed by majority vote impelled by our “friends” – the Germans and French – who have long lusted to break the dominance of the City in favour of Paris and Frankfurt.

Now here’s a thought: David Cameron can declare both issues are “red-line” matters, which means he can veto them or secure exemption. But with the Lib Dems on one side and our ever-patriotic Foreign Office on the other, will it not be easier to capitulate yet again? And did he not pledge us a referendum on the very next proposed transfer of sovereignty after reversing his “castiron promise” on the Lisbon Treaty?

And is not tamely submitting our budgets to foreign scrutiny like the humblest colony the biggest sovereignty transfer you can think of? Surely we cannot just go on capitulating for ever? Or can we?
Can we indeed.

But 'here's a thought' Frederick. Just wake up and look around you. David Cameron is no Eurosceptic. William Hague is no Eurosceptic (see Dan Hannan for this one) but of course you find all this hard to believe don't you. You want to blame UKIP, rather than aportion blame where it should lie.

With those who, despite years of evidence, keep pretending that the Tories will save us. They won't Frederick they won't.

And until you and others like you wake up to that fact them millions will be as disappointed as you are.

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Jake said...

I don't know how thick Frederick Forsyth is, but i heard that he did not really write the book The day of the jackal.
I was told it came into his possession by just pure luck or by some other means.
Is there any truth in this?