Tuesday, June 15, 2010

iPad if you want to

Left hand, right hand stuff over in Brussels over the provision of iPads. In today's Times we are told,

Setback for iPad owners
"Owners of iPads who have splashed out nearly £700 on the tablet computer may not be able to connect the device to mobile phone networks outside Britain. EU rules oblige mobile operators to send customers a text when they when go abroad warning them of the increased cost, which the iPad is unable to receive"
Which makes some sense. After all EU regulations now make it compulsory for mobile broadband users to recive a little text warning them about the prohibative cost of going mobile abroad.

But hold on, isn't the great European taxpayer abpout to spend hundreds of thousands on the techno wizardy things? Yes it is, or if you prefer in Flemish,
The iPad plan was disclosed by a senior bureau source who was too worried to reveal his name. “We could get rid of our old PCs, some of which have outdated software such as Microsoft Word 2003,” the source said.

“The majority of MEPs have already got iPhones and they are very happy with them. The PC was good for its time but the iPad is a much better device.”
So let me get this straight. The MEPs are all going to be given (thanks taxpayer) a nice shiny new iPad, but they will be pointless, because an MEP works in three countries; their own, Belgium and France.

As Marta Andreasen said at the time this was revealed,
“We were told the iPads would actually cut costs as they are not expensive and that we would be able to stay connected while outside the office or on holidays, but many of the older MEPs don’t even know how to use the internet properly.

“I am against that because it seems completely unnecessary, especially when European taxpayers are facing such difficult times.”
So all we will get will a whizz bang that will double as a for of hi-tech cargo cult juju. Sitting proudly in the corner of an MEP's residence, surrounded by candles, incense and burnt offerings.

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Bucko said...

Whats wrong with Word 2003? I only upgraded to that last month.
I think they should be given a pocket calculator and a notepad. Greedy f%^&ers.

(I got offered a pocket calculator once but I turned it down. I know how many pockets I have)