Tuesday, June 22, 2010

If our papers think things are bad, just look across the channel

All antional newspapers sales are down according to year on year figures released by ABC a week ago.
National Morning Quality
The Daily Telegraph 698,456 -16.49
Financial Times 399,862 -2.69
The Guardian 300,472 -10.47
The Independent 194,501 -4.85
The Times 515,379 -12.82

Which is pretty scary for those in the industry. However a glance at what is happening in France just shows us how bad things can get,
Within two weeks, the French newspaper Le Monde will run out of cash.


Anonymous said...

It's the lack of objective journalism.
There are just not enough "Bookers" anymore.
Too many GW toadies and glorified typists now.

Mike Wood said...

"By June 28, the staff will vote and make the final decision for the fate of the 66 years-old paper."

Maybe people misunderstood the sentence and thought that it was only for 66 year-olds? That's got to limit your target audience.

cornyborny said...

Wow - I didn't know the circulations of all those rags were so low. Makes you wonder why they still command such influence.

Still, the day can't be far off when we can say good riddance, dinosaur MSM.