Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meanwhile in La La land

Chris Huhne our Environment Minister has been busy committing the new Government to environmental and economic madness,
"Because of the urgency of climate change, we are committed to making this Government the greenest ever - taking urgent action at home and abroad.
"This isn't just an aspiration. It's essential. The actions of this Government in this Parliament will define our ability to combat climate change in the decades to come.
"That's why in the first week of this new Government, the Prime Minister announced Government departments would reduce their carbon emissions by 10% ..."
He said there were two major threats to the nation's energy security
- a growing dependence on the import of fossil fuels and the retirement of much
energy generating capacity.
"It's a scandal that in 2009 the UK still generates only 6.6% of our electricity from renewables.
"We have outstanding potential for renewable energy and yet we come second to bottom in the class of all 27 EU member states when it comes to our attainment from renewables. That must and will change."

More windmills then. There again, that 10% cut in emissions from Government depratments doesn't sound such a bad idea. Start by cutting 10% from the press departments in each.

That would cut down on emissions.


Bucko said...

Ho hum. I suppose we cant go through life enjoying ourselves all the time.

They could easily acheive their co2 cuts by shutting the fuck up for a bit.

Scrapping ID cards 1-0
Subscribing to climate change nonesense 1-1

Gawain Towler said...

CGT 1-2
Bank levy 1-3
free schools 2-3
but no grammars 2-4

Only the first few minutes, penalties and the ball hasn't even left the scrum yet,

We shall see

banned said...

I'm off for a drive, just to big up my carbon footprint.