Thursday, May 27, 2010

At a stroke of a Hungarian pen, another 450,000 EU citizens are created.

By passing a new citizenship law the Hungarian Parliament has just given EU citizenship - thus migration rights to the UK to 450,000 (approx) ethnic Hungarian speakers in the Ukraine and Serbia.

Now if the Hungarians wish to give citizenship rights to those stuck on the wrong side of national borders in the post Hapsburg world then OK, that is their right and choice so to do. (Though it is likely to worry some of the neighboring countries with large Hungarian minorities).

What I object to is the the fact that due to EU law there is nothing we can do to stop said types travelling and settling in the UK.

How can it be right/fair/reasonable for a foriegn government to pass a law that could theoretically have such serious consequences. And how can our Government justify membership of an organisation that strips the British people to make their own decisions about such important matters.

Oh they bang on about restricting immigration. But what they are talking about is non-EU immigration.

But what about those who overnight become EU citizens?


Ofcourse I am aware that the latest figures released under the International Passenger Survey suggest that more Eastern Europeans are leaving than arriving, but even if you can take those figures seriously - and many people suggest that the IPS is not in any way authorative that doesn't alter my point a jot.

So this year more leave than arrive, fine, and next year? The pass is sold.


banned said...

Good for them, it's about time we passed a similar law regranting rights to the offspring of our people who settled overseas but whose greatgrandchildren now count as "other alien".

For that reason the grandson of an uncle who left for Australia as a £10 Pom in 1949 took care to be in London for the birth of his first child. That child now has dual citizenship and could return to England if he so wanted, with his dependants of course.

Gawain Towler said...

But should your second cousin (Once removed?) be allowed to settle in Hungary witout the say so of the goulash scoffers? I think not.

David Schoibl said...

Hi Gawain,

And as a way out...

...Are you proposing to haromonize citizenship law on the EU level or even make a an EU compentence?


David Schoibl

PS: Note, I chose to ignore the de-humanising undertones of your post. 'types', what's that supposed to mean?

Anonymous said...

This is a really interesting development in the EU and there's a lot of interesting political discussion that can be had about it. One could, however, wish for less racist coverage of it.

Gawain Towler said...


I strain to see what is racist about my post, but I agree thatr there shoudl be more serious thought and discussion about the point.

That is indeed one way out of the impasse, and no doubt the one to be proposed by those set in Government above us. It would for example rather scupper the Slovak objections.

Types... lets thinks,

Types (N) Jocular generic for people of a group identity. Synonym: chaps (masculine).

Eg. "Those types from Yorkshire, reather keen on their cricket, what!"