Saturday, April 03, 2010

More cracks in the consensus

Though mealy mouthed in a way, Der Speigel has broken ranks in Germany with a surprisingly hard hitting article on the science behind climate change alarmism.
It cites Peter Webster as
the only scientist to date who has been given access to the data. “To be honest, I’m shocked by the sloppy documentation",
Worrying stuff for Jones despite this week's Commons whitewash.
Did Jones proceed correctly while homogenizing the data? Most climatologists still believe Jones' contention that he did not intentionally manipulate the data. However, that belief will have to remain rooted in good faith. Under the pressure of McIntyre's attacks, Jones had to admit something incredible: He had deleted his notes on how he performed the homogenization. This means that it is not possible to reconstruct how the raw data turned into his temperature curve.

'One of the Biggest Sins'

For Peter Webster, a meteorologist at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, this course of events is "one of the biggest sins" a scientist can commit. "It's as if a chef was no longer able to cook his dishes because he lost the recipes."

A survey done for the magazine shows, that though there is still a majority in Germany who believe in Climate Alarmist predictions, the move is toward scepticism.

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