Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Egg threat to kill your dog

There are times when commericially sponsored research realy gets up my nose. Now is one of those times., a leading provider of pet insurance in the UK, urges Britain's dog owners to keep their furry friends away from chocolate this Easter.
They helpfully advise us,
- Keep chocolate out of reach from your dog. You may not feed them chocolate but if it's in reach it can be tempting for your pet to helpthemselves.
- Remind children that Easter chocolate is for them, not for their furry friend. No matter how sad they look, or how sweetly they beg for some.
- If you're planning an egg hunt in the garden, keep your dog indoors and away from temptation until all the eggs are found and out of reach.
- If you want your dog to feel part of the family why not buy dog
friendly chocolate. Chocolate treats are available at pet stores and by most big brand dog food producers.
- If your dog does eat a lot of chocolate do not wait for symptoms, call your vet immediately and ask for advice. If you have pet insurance you can also call your insurer's 24 hour helpline for advice and guidance.
Oddly enough, and I am sure you would be surprised to discover, pet insurance costs an average of GBP20 a month for "life" cover for a dog and accidental poisoning by chocolate would be covered by the policy.
That's it I am getting my dog insured in case of accidental chocolate death.


Anonymous said...

Generally I am sympathetic, but here I can see no issue. Chocolate can be quite harmful to Dog.

It all seems quite reasonable to me.

被リンクサービス said...

Oh, that's really an important thing everybody should pay attention to.

CIngram said...

I don't know about dogs (and I doubt whether Helpucover do either) but chocolate is very harmful to hamsters. That level of fat and suger is indigestible for them. My hedgehog, on the other hand, eats it regularly and it doesn't seem to disagree with him.