Thursday, March 25, 2010

Un Grand Projet

At today's Council meeting in Brussels, Joshua Chaffin is blooging for the FT, and he has picked up something rather concerning,
“We’re going through a bit of a down period,” a wise senior diplomat lamented, with characteristic understatement.
What might lift Europe out of its spring funk? A gust of economic growth would make everything look better. A credible and coordinated Greece plan would also help. Beyond that, the sage diplomat suggested that it was time for Europe to embark on a grand project, something akin to the euro or Schengen.
Seems like something to keep the minds of the masses occupied. Chafin suggests Healthcare, but points out we have socialised health already.

So my bet is a fully functioning European Army.
Ee Gad that is scary.


Anonymous said...

Or maybe a fully fledged European Economic Government!

It looks like the French have tried to pull a fast one on the Germans. Bruno Waterfield writes in Daily Telegraph:

EU draws up plans for single 'economic government' to prevent crisis

Germany and France have tabled controversial plans to create an "economic government of the European Union" to police financial policy across the continent.

However, the august German business paper Handelsbaltt writes: "Der Begriff Wirtschaftsregierung wurde auf deutschen Druck im letzten Moment aus dem Text gestrichen." [The term economic government was removed from the text in the last moment, due to German pressure.]

So, Waterfield was wrong then? No, it does not appear that way. From the Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet:

"I den franska översättningen står också att stats- och regeringscheferna i sitt Europeiska råd ska vara en ekonomisk regering för EU.

Ljuva ord för en fransman, men väl magstarkt för många medlemsstater och texten har därför mildrats i den engelska versionen."

[In the French version it is stated that the heads of states and governments in the European Council will be an Economic government for EU.

Sweet words for a Frenchman, but a bit too strong fare for many other memberstates and therfore the text has been temepered in the English version.]

One wonders what the Germans will say when they find out about that little fudge?


Anonymous said...

OK, you can have fully functioning army, or you can have a European army. You cannot have a fully functioning European army. Mind you, I dread to think how much a shambles failure of a European army might cost.

Gawain Towler said...

Fair point and expensive bag of euro hammers

Joe said...

How about some old-fashioned Jew baiting in Sweden? I'm sure that old saw will lift their spirits.