Wednesday, March 24, 2010

UKIP News review


Gerard Batten gets his mugshot into the Express talking about the court decision that allows EU nationals to claim UK child benefits for children back at home,

But Gerard Batten, UKIP MEP for London warned more EU nationals would come
to the UK, which ranks as one of the highest paying countries in Europe for
child benefit.

In a comparison of 22 countries by the Department for Work and Pensions, Portugal was described as a “laggard” in child benefit packages.

Mr Batten said: “We were already paying child benefit for children living abroad, and now EU citizens themselves on benefits in the UK can claim child benefit for children they left at home.“We already provide an international health service that treats people from all over the world, and now we will provide an international benefits service. Many EU citizens will naturally gravitate to those countries with the most generous benefits systems – especially Britain. How can a country that is £1.5trillion in debt pay benefits to the children of non-citizens who live abroad? It’s completely bonkers.”

William Dartmouth brings up the European arrest Warrant in the Independent,
"Two south-west constituents have just been released from prison in Hungary. They had been in jail for 115 days in Budapest without proper charge. The legal mechanism by which they were carted off from their homes to jail in Hungary was the Liberal Democrat-authored European Arrest Warrant, which replaces extradition. Many more British voters will suffer from the European Arrest Warrant. Less seriously, at the European Parliament on 10 March the Liberal Democrat Chair (Diana Wallis MEP) had me thrown out of the Chamber for making the entirely legitimate and valid political comment: that the appointment of the "supremely unqualified" Catherine Ashton as EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security is "bizarre"."
And in the Daily Mail Ephrahim Hardcastle talks about the camilla Long article, even quoting me in the piece.

The Farage/Long article gets follow up in Londoners Diary

Paul Nuttall has a swipe at those dire Climate Change adverts in the Southport Visiter,
John Bufton has a letter in the Daily Post attacking Plaid,
"What Plaid keep rather cutely referring to as a "cleaning up exercise" is indeed a plan to mop up as much taxpayers money as possible then sell our
country to Brussels. It will be a blow by blow, treaty by treaty effort. Anyone
who denies that further Devolution is a stepping stone for independence has
clearly missed the rhetoric of our self interested Assembly Government. Be
careful what you wish for"
Godders gets some backing in the Grimsby Evening Telegraph
"How absurd that the European Court of Human Rights is insisting on "votes for serving prisoners' ...Well done Godfrey Bloom MEP for speaking up on behalf of the "normal majority"."
And Sir George Earle writes to the Plymouth Herald, still on the Arrest Warrant
Inappropriate use of arrest warrant "This piece of European Union legislation, which Graham Watson, the single Lib-Dem MEP for the South West, is so proud to have steered through the European Parliament is, as he has said, meant to be for really serious international crime...Fortunately for them (the two jailed in Hungary), William Earl of Dartmouth, the second of the two UKIP MEPs in the South West, actively pursued their case in London, the European Parliament and in Budapest and, as you reported, they have just been released - roughly turned out on to the street without apology or explanation. This is the sort of 1984-style treatment we are all now liable to, thanks to Mr. Watson and the EU federalists running the three main parties here."

And on the party web page is the wecome announcement that Tim Congdon CBE will be standing for us in the Forest of Dean.

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