Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A cunning plan

One nice ripost to the clunkingly hamfisted attempt to control people's lives in today's Times. The suggestion from ranks of high falutinn doctory types that smoking should not just be banned but seen to be banned,
John Britton, the report’s lead author, said that new measures could include banning parents from smoking at school gates, but added that it would be difficult to legislate for situations such as family parties in private gardens. “This report isn’t just about protecting children from passive smoking, it’s about taking smoking completely out of children’s lives. Adults need to think about who’s seeing them smoke.”

The ripost comes from a commentator on Dizzy's blog,
What we need is a some sort of public house where only consenting adults go where people can smoke away from children.
We could call them 'pubs'.

Judgeing from the 300 plus comments on the Time's site their suggestion has not gone down too well.

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