Thursday, March 18, 2010

UKIP News review

National news
Nothing to report today in the Nationals,

William Dartmouth raises the issue of the European Arrest Warrant in the Plymouth Evening Herald, taking a timely swipe at 'Toady' Watson as he does so,

"At a sitting of the European Parliament the Liberal Democrat chair, Diana Wallis MEP, had me thrown out of the debating chamber for making an entirely valid political comment. More seriously, two South West constituents were carted
off from their homes to prison in Budapest, with no evidence of guilt or innocence being heard here, under the European Arrest Warrant that is championed by South West Liberal Democrat MEP Graham Watson."

Party Secretary, Jonathan Arnott tears into a correspondent in Sheffield.

Mike Nattrass gets more coverage for his factory trip.
Methinks a caption competion for that one Mike. (Suggestions in the Comment section please)

Paul Nuttall has a dig at Windfarm excess in the Leigh Journal.

Godders Bloom keeps it simple in a letter to the York Press

So the Government wants to reduce the drink drive level to one pint.
I can only assume they are terrified there might be one or two rural pubs still
The Comments suggest he might have spoken for many.

John Bufton advertises his new online MEP surgery in the Carmathen Journal,

"The European Union affects our daily lives in so many ways. As MEP for Wales, I am here to represent you. The time I must spend in Brussels means I don't get to be in Wales as I would like. So I'm setting up an e-surgery, inviting you to get in touch with your European issues. Are you a farmer fuming over EID or a fisherman fighting quotas? As your MEP, I want to know. You can contact the e-surgery at "
The Grimsby Telegraph highlight our candidate in the town, Henry Hudson,

Last year, Henry Hudson, who had been deputy chairman of the Grimsby Conservatives, crossed over to UKIP in protest at the UK signing up to the Lisbon Treaty – which gives more power to the European Parliament.
Welcome aboard Henry, and good luck.

Sorry to see Stuart Gulleford standing down as a candidate, though I will admiot I understand his reasoning,
"Brentwood's Ukip candidate has had to pull out of the general election race because he cannot afford to continue.´New EU rules - which forbid people who are on the staff of MEPs from standing unless they take unpaid leave for the length of the election period - means that Stuart Gulleford has had to stand down as a candidate for the Brentwood and Ongar seat."
Other stuff,

The Mail's story about EU Doctors and the NHS is followed up by an iuntweresting article from Professor Karol Sikora, echoing what I have said before,
One of the key problems is that, under an EU directive of 2004, doctors who qualify in any EU country can move to work in any other EU state without even the most limited examination of their skills, aptitude or language.
In contrast, foreign doctors (ie from outside the EU) must pass a skills and English language test - yes, even the Australians and Americans.
EU countries are also not forced to provide information on their doctors' professional histories - for example, whether they have been struck off for committing a criminal offence or killing a patient through negligence.
There are estimated to be around 20,000 EU doctors registered to work in the NHS, a quarter of them from the former Eastern Bloc countries.

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