Thursday, March 18, 2010

Somethng in common with Simon Hughes

Hat Tip Dick P
In Comment is free Simon Hughes is waxing lyrical about his 27 years as an MP in Southwark. I can confirm that this happens,
There is always a load to laugh about. Canvassing reveals a large number of people at home with no clothes on – and still clearly happy to answer the door.

I recall canvassing in a York Council Estate doing, as they say, the knocking up just before polls closed in the evening.
One of the addreses given was of a woman who had confirmed that she was going to vote for us. The tellers at the various polling stations could see that she hadn't voted, so I gladly traipsed to her door.
Footsteps down the stairs, a glimpse of a moving form through the swirled glass in the lintel. The door swings open.
Infront of me stod a women, not quite as nature intended, but most definately as her bofriend would have liked.
I stammered,
"e..E I guess you are not coming to vote then".
"Nay doll, but I might be coming for something else..."

In the words of a famous fleet street hack, I made my excuses and left.

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