Monday, March 01, 2010

Suggestions that Iceland may be joining the EU may be a tad premature

Only last week the European Commission was rubbing its hands at the thought of getting hold of all those lovely fish - err... sorry, about welcoming poor troubled Iceland into the fold.
Seems that they and the Icelandic elite might just be a little premature. Capecent Iceland has published a poll which shows that atttudes to EU membership are hardening.
Some 56 percent of those surveyd by pollster Capacent on behalf of the Farmers' Association of Iceland opposed EU membership while 33.2 percent backed it.
The scale of the opposition to joining the bloc is in line but up slightly from other polls in recent months.
In mid-September, another poll, also by Capacent for the Federation of Icelandic Industries, reported that 43.2 percent of Icelanders were opposed to the EU application and 39.6 backed it.
In August, another poll by the same firm, this time for Andriki, a free-market think-tank, said that 48.5 percent were opposed to EU membership and 34.7 percent were in favour.

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