Thursday, March 11, 2010

Should UKIP MEPs do as they are told in Strasbourg?

Wel that is the question being raised by Alexi Rossi on the Sky news blog. He is reffering of course to the Farage, Dartmouth et al. affairs,
The latest incident concerned MEP William, Earl of Dartmouth during a debate on EU Arctic policy yesterday. He released a great deal of hot air when he questioned whether states in Southern Europe needed and arctic policy. No problem there except for the fact he tried to prove his point by taking dig at Baroness Ashton - the EU's new and first High Representative of Foreign Affairs - calling her 'unqualified'.
"But an EU Arctic policy is perhaps not so bizarre as the appointment of the supremely unqualified Baroness Ashton, the Sarah Palin of the ex-student left." - he blasted
The Earl's comments did not go down well with the chair of the debate, Liberal MEP Diana Wallis - she cut his mike and had him removed from the chamber by an usher. Naughty boy.
His brush with authority comes after UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, was fined by the
parliament for insulting the new EU President, Herman Van Rompuy and refusing to apologise. Mr Farage said Van Rompuy had the 'charisma of a damp rag' and the
appearance of a 'low grade bank clerk'.
Whilst incidents like this make for lively reading I'm not sure such personal attacks enhance the image of the EU as a body politic. What do you think?

So go then, go and tell him...

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