Thursday, March 11, 2010

Don't mention the war - even the first one

William Dartmouth is reported by the BBC as having had a go at another Belgium. This time however it is not that he came from a non-country, more that he came from a country bailed out with blood in 1914. (Dartmouth's intervention comes in at 24mins 44 seconds)
British UKIP MEP the Earl of Dartmouth has clashed with Belgian Liberal MEP
Dirk Sterckx, during a debate on accountancy and auditing laws on 8 March 2010.
MEPs were debating a new law that would exempt many very small companies (micro-businesses) from a number of administrative requirements on filing annual accounts.
Mr Sterckx had warned against some elements of this, saying it could harm the functioning of the single market.
However The Earl of Dartmouth criticised EU red tape and said to Mr Sterckx "Britain entered the First World War to protect [...] Belgium, and Mr Sterckx should partly repaying that obligation".


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