Thursday, March 04, 2010

Mrs Bercow: Why?

What is it with Sally Bercow? Now she has insulted Jacob Zuma. Now there are many things that I think of Mr Zuma, but if he and his entourage were popping round the House to have a gander, and if I had met them the night before at HMQ's, I wouldn't think it the thing to start tweeting poor jokes about him

Doesn't this awful women know when to shut up?


banned said...

I have no time for either Mr or Mrs. Bercow but where does it say that we are not allowed to make amusing comments about the great and the good to our friends?

Gawain Towler said...

The point is that she is nobody excepting her husband, and he is a position, one of honour.

It dishonours that position and by extention dishonours Westminster.

It is just extremely bad manners.

Saying something direct to somebody's face allows them to repond, this is cheap, tawdry and underhand.