Thursday, March 04, 2010

"2lbs of humbugs"

This has to be one of the worst campaign videos I have ever seen, so bad it might almost be good, but no maybe not quite that bad.

What gets me is that the strangely rhomboid John Stevens goes into a sweetshop and asks with a little does of the common touch for 2lbs of humbugs. Which of course under the system he belives in, the European Union was to solicit the woman to comit a felony.

As you can see here
The UK government has committed itself to gradually switching to the metric system since the publication of a White Paper on the issue in 1972 (!). Aware of the cultural importance of the issue, EC legislation granted the UK (and Ireland) generous transition periods of two decades to introduce the new system as smoothly and costefficiently as possible.
Good film of the shifty arrogance of Bercow though.

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banned said...

What or who does this chap stand for ? Is he standing against Bercow in which case he will dilute the 'anti' vote?