Friday, February 26, 2010

UKIP news update

Today, as a service to my reader I am going to try to start a program of flagging up articles in the national and local press that touch upon UKIP and its goings on. I wil l also try and flag up those stories that are of particular interest to those who support UKIP, or those who support what UKIP stands for. We shall see if I have the stamina to keep this up, but at least I should try. If I have missed stuff, which I will enevitable do, then please flag it up in the comments.


The ongoing furore over Nigel Farage's comments to the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy.
The Independent
Times Editorial
Michael White's Guardian blog
EU Observer
Question Time
More BBC
Even more BBC
The Economist blog
Times business diary applauds pub policy
Con Home's comment section seems to tread the line.

There is plenty more where that came from. What is interesting is the comments section which are running wildly in Farage's favour no matter how pompous (and yes the Times editorial is a classic of the genre) they are. This is politics and sometimes to make a greater point, that the President of this country is an unelected Belgian politician and this is unacceptable then harsh words may be necessary. Sad but true. It may be rude to describe the man as a low grade bank clerk, but far ruder still to impose him above out heads with no vote, and none of the major parties even seriously considering a vote.

Finally a rather splendid riposte from Belgium.
Belgian website

Telegraph reports on UKIP climate Change policy
More on that

European Parliament ups its expenses

Iain Dale announces the publication of Nigel Farage's auto biog.
Muslim news picks up the Burka story
Party donations

UKIP candidate in Torridge and West Devon
UKIP campaigning against wind farms in Lancashire
John Bufton MEP speaks out against compulsory sheep tagging.

Stuff to think about
EU legislation causes chaos for Doctor training.

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Anonymous said...

The comments certainly didn't need to be personal but the underlying message was an important one. This election may be Britain's last chance to claw back it's sovereignty. You only need to look at the key arguments that senior Tories made about Lisbon less than a year ago, followed by their recent climbdown on this subject to realise that the three main parties have now been silenced by this this anti-democratic union. British citizens can now (and have recently) been extradited to EU countries - that don't share the values or our legal system - without any evidence of a crime. This is just the beginning.

We will have no ability to control our borders, resulting in an ever growing and unsustainable population. If we speak, we are branded racists and yet as an immigrant myself, I can see clearly that this is an issue of community cohesion and quality of life.

Above the 45 million we pay every day to be ruled by EU people we did not elect, we are paying increased council and income taxes to support further immigration we simply can't afford. This is directly effecting the quality of education, the NHS, transport and housing infrastructure, policing, council services, employment, social and child benefits, care for the elderly, etc.

In summary, our EU membership and associated immigration policies are killing our economy, our standard of living, and our ability to govern ourselves.
UKIP has 500+ candidates running in this election. We can regain control of our country but we need to do it now!