Thursday, February 25, 2010

Storm in a bowl of waaterzoi

Cripes they are all getting a little excited over in Brussels about Nigel Farage's comments yesterday. Now we hear that Yves Leterme, the Belgian PM has demanded in a letter to the President of Parliament that this should not happen again.

Meanwhile Jerzy Buzek the President of Parliament has demanded that Farage go and see him on Tuesday for a dressing down.

The sanctions include a posssible suspension or a withdrawal of expenses (the headmaster is going to stop your pocket money Mr Farage).
"The president is currently exploring which measures are the most appropriate to deal with this issue," Mr Buzek's spokeswoman, Inga Rosinska, told EUobserver.
"He would like to see vivid political debate but he will not tolerate that this chamber is disrespected, that people in it are personally insulted or comments about anyone's personal appearance," she added.
Ms Rosinska's statement echoed the language of the parliament's rules of procedure,
which say that: "Members' conduct shall be characterised by mutual respect ...[and] respect the dignity of parliament."
In "exceptionally serious" cases an MEP could face an official reprimand, a small fine, a few days' suspension of voting rights or removal from an official parliamentary function, such as membership of a committee.

The problem is, of course, is that Mr Farage is a repeat offender. He does not hold the Eurocrats with respect. They after all have been foisted upon us, against the explicit votes of some countries and the refused votes of others.

So why on earth should the figurehead of the undemocratic EU be held in anything but the contempt shown by Mr Farage?

And the Belgian PM. He is upset? This is the politicain who thought his own national anthem was La Marseillaise. Don't make me laugh.



Since the electors in this country voted to be represented by him,the scum have no right to refuse him entry for two days or even two minutes.

banned said...

Fern Britten(sp?) was covering for Jeremy Vine this afternoon on BBC Radio 2 and had this as her main discussion topic, she played the audio clip (extended) twice, both in her promo and the main broadcast to highlight her "disgust at this embarrasment to British democracy" but actually Nigel came over quite well.

Nigel faced sad ol' Shirley Williams in the subsequent phone in and, despite Ferns attempts to bolster a pro-Rumpy faction most callers were clearly in favour of Nigel, even the woman who said " he speaks for the likes of me but he should not be so rude".
At least it got him on the mainstream media, well done Nigel.

Shirl gave the game away when, at one point, she announced that "The media depict this in a distorted way...Oh no, Fern not you at the BBC, the print media I mean..." or words to that effect.

Dick Puddlecote said...

It all goes to show that the EU experiment will never work.

Millions of votes agree with Farage, and his view is just one of a miasma of other conflicting voices around the 27 states.

And we're all supposed to live and think the same way how?

Check out Hairy Moneyball's blog for her collaboratorial view on it all. Life needs a bit of comedy at times. I've commented but the last time she published one Northern Rock were an upstanding institution.