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UKIP News Update 27 Feb

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More on the Farage/Van Rompuy affair
Quentin Letts picks up the story, Farage isn't as unpopular in Belgium as you might think.
The Express takes his point in their editorial

FASHIONABLE liberal opinion thinks the most objectionable thing to happen in Brussels this week was Nigel Farage’s withering attack on EU President Herman Van Rompuy...

The British people are sick of underwriting the unaccountable EU gravy train. Mr Farage may have been guilty of bad manners when he described Van Rompuy as “a damp rag with the looks of a low-grade bank clerk”.

But his observation, “I have no doubt that it is your intention to be the quiet assassin of European democracy and of European nation states”, was right on the money.

Heffer puts the boot in.

But Fiona Hall, Lib Dem MEP thinks that our Nige has no friends
And Martin Kettle is conflicted at CiF.

The Ukip MEP is desperately trying to get noticed, and some have risen to his bait...
There's a dilemma here. To write about Nigel Farage is to reward bad behaviour. It's what he wants. So he shouldn't get it. But that's journalism for you.
Well Martin, if there was a trap, you fell into it. Therre wasn't but like many of your sort you don't understand that not everybody does everything for ulterior motives. It rather says more about you than it does about Farage.

Meanwhile elsewhere the Mail and the Express pick up on Mandelson's promise to join the Euro quoting Paul Nuttall.

In the Telegraph Professor Stephen Bush, UKIP stalwart, points out some of the grevious problems facing our energy generation policy and how it is stymied by Brussels.

The Mail reports on the imprisonment of Nick Hogan, first smoking ban rebel to go to gaol. Nick recently stood down as our candidate in Chorley knowing that this case was coming up. He is a political prisoner, no other words for it.

Other Ukip stuff
Paul Nuttall is taken to task for having a purely utilitarian approach to further education.

Other stories that need looking at.
Bryan Gould writes in CiF about how he was right all along,

The economic interests of a wider European economy – to say nothing of small matters like a functioning democracy – will be best served, not by a forced but failed attempt at convergence through a single monetary policy, but by country-sized governments deploying all the instruments of macro policy to suit the needs and interests of the economies for which they are responsible. The European dimension should rest mainly on a high and growing level of co-ordination of policy and functional cooperation among separate and well-performing economies which see their future as developing together.
Polly Toynbee in one of her stopped clock moments. Immigration is a problem, and the Government has failed us all.

The Times has Mathew Parris getting it very wrong on the Falklands. He is wet on this. People like the Argentinians will use comments like this to give them hope, when none should be given at all. It is the same sort of thing as the famous Oxford Union debate which encouraged Hitler.
It also reports on the justifiable anger in Denmark, where the newspaper Politiken has kow-towed to Islamic extremism and apologised for printing those photographs.
Jørn Mikkelsen, the editor-in-chief of Jyllands-Posten, which is owned by the same media company as Politiken, said: “Politiken’s pathetic prostrating before a Saudi lawyer takes the first prize in stupidity. It is a sad day for Danish media, it is sad for freedom of expression and it is sad for Politiken.”

The Telegraph reveals the latest loony attempt to take our cash through greenery type madness. Tax cows. Barking, or maybe just mooing mad.
Brno Waterfield reports on Van Rompuy's 'silent assasin of nations' act.

One of the points of the classified letter, seen by The Daily Telegraph, gives Mr Van Rompuy the right to lead the EU's negotiating team at G20 summits, usurping the role of national governments and the Commission.

"There was agreement to take better account of the international dimension. This includes a thorough preparation of the EU position for G20, allowing me to effectively and forcefully represent the EU's positions in this important forum," said the letter.
I would just like to take this opportunity remind everyone about the plans to snaffle our seat on the UN security council.

As ever, anything I have missed please drop into the commenst section.

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