Friday, February 26, 2010

Britain 'will' join the Euro says Mandelson

According to reports on AFP, Peter Mandelson told a Pariasian audience today the following,
"We already have the eurozone providing a single central bank, currency and monetary policy, which one day I believe Britain will be part of," Mandelson said during a talk at a university in Paris.
"Don't ask me when. It's not going to be soon, but we will do it," added Mandelson, the former EU trade commissioner who is now regarded as Prime Minister Gordon Brown's unofficial deputy.
Paul Nuttall, UKIP chairman has responded thusly,
"He has got to be kidding. First he would have to convince the British public that they wanted such a thing, which to put it politely would be unlikely.
Then he would have to hope that the Euro was still around at about the time that hell freezes over, which looking at the state of Greece and other countries is highly unlikely. The political elite of this country are so wedded to their love affair with the EU that nothing, especially economic reality will get in the way",

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Anonymous said...

It will happen one day, one day the world will all share the same currency and one day the monetry system will be abolished all together.
UKIP need not get their knickers in a twist as this is a long, long way off.