Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Circumstances always change

But belief systems should be strog enough to absorb those changes. Not Dave's at least, not his much vaunted belief in the primacy of our law, tradition and what have you. Well not if the comments he made to LBC are anything to go by. "Now, if those circumstances change, if the Germans ratify, if the Poles ratify, if the Czechs ratify, if the Irish vote Yes to the treaty, then a new set of circumstances [apply], and I will address those at the time." The Witterer puts it quite well
"Not only does he want the UK to remain a member of the EU, but he will not consider a move that could lead to Britain leaving the EU - something which is
sure to please his Eurosceptic members! Neither does this latest statement address the problem of why, if we are a trading nation, that we should be co-operating with our allies and friends in Europe....of course we should"

Look mate, what is astonishing is that Dave is prepared to lead his party into
General Election without giving the slightest indication of how he
will handle the European Union. The European Union which even official
sources now accept creates at largest 70% of out laws.

Why bother to vote for a party that hasn't an opinion on the vast majority of legislation, or if it does have an opinion, isn't prepared to let the British public know what it is for fear they may react.

Well Dave, it just won't wash, the people of our country deserve to be told what is happening and not to have the elite, new or old withhold information from them. It is apparent that he has learnt nothing from the scandals of the past year. People are fed up with that old style, 'the elite know best' attitude.

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