Friday, July 24, 2009

WTF.. Modern Britain

Armed police kick down door.

"Don't worry love, have a glass of whisky"

It's not that they kicked down the door. It's not that they ordered the women out whilst her 6 year old remained in the bath (odd she would be done for neglect for that if not acting under police orders. Should the headline really read. "Armed police order woman to neglect 6 year old"?)

It's the final comment from the plod that worries me,
"Inspector Andy Allkins, of Dorset Police tactical firearms unit, said: “Although routinely armed officers carried out the enquiry, the man sought is not assessed as a danger to the public. Routinely, armed officers in Dorset carry out all those duties performed by their unarmed colleagues.”

Routinely. What!!!

From what I recall routine was that firearms officers were few and far between and fire arms only came out at specific times and with specific requests. Not searching for somebody who isn't even regarded as a danger to the public.

What the hell were they doing in Parkstone tooled up? Where is the police justification for this?

And this comment on the Echo piece gives me the right heeby geebies,
keh2000, Poole says... 8:39am Fri 24 Jul 09
The fact is that armed units are pretty much the only ones free, and with the kit available, to force entry, which is why they were probably used. I've used them to gain access for welfare issues as they were the only officers available at the time, and the fact that they were armed didn't come into it.

For Welfare cases!!!!!!


Fausty said...

Labour has given into police demands and granted them far too much power. Much the same is happening in the rest of the EU and the US.

Will Cameron curb their power? Or will he just hide it and make it look pretty?

Budgie said...

There are also the cases were perfectly decent people have their children taken off them in combined Social Worker/Police raids. Any resistance to having your child stolen by the state is taken as evidence that you are unsuitable as a parent.

Anonymous said...

One can understand that, if short staffed, police officers that are normally armed could be used in place of unarmed officers that are otherwise busy - the question is why, in these cases, do they feel the need to take their firearms with them ? Have they become too dependant on guns ?

It would seem raids using firearms should require further clearance above and beyond normal un-armed raids - with more risk assessments and safeguards (for the public) involved.

Set H&S on 'em I say! It's about time H&S was used for something positive.

kensington and chelsea said...


Anonymous said...

rather have armed police than armed welfare cases

Anonymous said...

Allkins routinely talks rubbish and this isn't the only time he and his merry band have gone into the wrong house with guns!