Friday, July 24, 2009

Norwich North UKIP get 11.8%

A cracking vote for Glen Tingle the UKIP candidate in Norwich North. Despite the BBC's refusla to accpet that we were serous players in the constituency - constantly bring the Greens to the fore, UKIP out campiagned, out voted and out played the Green's confirming our status as Britain's growing force in poltics.

Congratulations Glen and all the team that worked in Norwich


Michael Heaver said...

Thanks! :D

Glenn really does deserve this result, a great candidate and man.

Fausty said...

And they did well in Cambridgeshire - Labour getting only a piddling 53 votes!

Budgie said...

From what I heard BBC Radio 4 news failed to mention UKIP. They played the returning officer too, without UKIP in the list, but included the Greens. The impression I got, therefore, was that UKIP had done badly. Typical BBC, the Grauniad's broadcasting arm.