Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sack him, Burn them

A coach is sacked and 16 football shirts for 10 year olds are to be burnt. The shirts crime? They have the name Nigel Farage upon them.

Farage had been asked by the coach of a local under 10's side to donate some cash for the training shirts, he did, from his own money.

Then this,
The row erupted after Mr Kinsell contacted businesses and MPs to get donations towards a new strip.
South east MEP Nigel Farage offered £150 of his own money to the cause.
By way of a thank you, Mr Kinsell, who also put in £50 of his own money to cover printing costs, had the MEP's name printed on the front of the shirts, as he would for any sponsor.
But the club's committee ruled that the donation was a political one from UKIP, which contravened club policies, and last week kicked Mr Kinsell out.
Mr Kinsell, who has coached the under-tens squad for the last two years said: “I've
explained to them that it was a personal donation from Mr Farage but they just
won't listen.
“It's so unfair. I love this job, I love the kids and we have been doing really well.
“All I wanted to do was get the team a new training kit and I've sponsored them in the past to pay for kit, goals and all sorts of things.
“I do it for the kids. We are a very successful team and have hardly lost a game since I have taken over.”

It was a training strip for pities sake, and it just had a name, no logos nothing political at all. Petty, small minded vindictive and cruel


LibertyMine said...

F*** this country is a mess. PC is everywhere.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

There is no link, who is the "they" that did the sacking after very loosely interpreting their rules ?

Gawain Towler said...

Whoops sorry abou the link failure